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A Thousand and One Nights of Luxury in Marrakech

Few countries hold the exotic and...

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Buddha Blesses All

This turns out to be a...

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At the Modhera Sun Temple in Ahmedabad

When we were in Mumbai, and...

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Sunday in Russia: A Romantic Seurat Painting

Sunday in Russia is like a...




has always been a reflection on the day-to-day personal experiences of our worldly travel. What started in 2004 with us jetting away for a year voyaging around the globe - two suitcases, a computer and camera bag in tow - and sharing those incredible travel experiences on our website with those who chose to follow our summer sun adventures, has now become a more mature and sophisticated travelogue.
We call it living travel: the food, hotels, wine, flights; the thousands of life details that ebb and flow and make your travel truly alive. While not all are perfect and much will go wrong, it is truly living. We wanted to understand and live the way the locals did, not just be tourists.
We'll continue sharing these living insights with people like you, who want to followsummer.
Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. We hope that it offers the kind of travel stories, photos, and videos that both excite and encourage you to follow your own followsummer dreams of travel.
May they always be filled with splendour, amazement, wonder, joy, curiosity, excitement and love... always heading west, always following the summer sun.
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    #tbt #throwbackthursday to the sultry beauty of @anegada's @cowwreckbeach in…
  • Our final #traveltuesday: Climb the Grand Staircase and look up:…7100
    Our final #traveltuesday: Climb the Grand Staircase and look up:…
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    Important objects (not mine)



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View my food journey on Zomato!